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Open Letter to Candidates for National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Examination
Release time: 2019-08-09 17:34
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Dear candidates,

How are you

9 年国家 统一法律职业资格 考试 在即, 我省各考区将坚持 “依法治考、从严治考、热情服务”的原则,严肃考试纪律、严查作弊行为,全力营造诚信参考、公平竞争的考试环境。 201 The 9th National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Examination is imminent. All examination areas in our province will adhere to the principles of "administering the examination according to law, administering the examination strictly, and enthusiastic service." Examination environment. To ensure that all candidates take the exam smoothly and safely, and to avoid unnecessary mistakes and accidents, we sincerely remind candidates to pay attention to the following:

  First, keep in mind the test time

(A) objective test. 打印准考证时间 8 21 30 ,我省客观题考试时间安排在第 1批次8月31日,试卷一8:30-11:30、 试卷二 14:00-17:00。 Computerized examinations are implemented nationwide, and the time to print the admission ticket is August 21 to 30. The objective test period of our province is August 31, Paper 1 8: 30-11: 30, Paper 2 14:00 -17: 00.

(2) Subjective test.

客观题考试成绩合格的方可参加 报名 主观题考试,今年主观题考试 网上报名确认时间 9月7日0时至9月11日24时, 打印准考证时间 10月8日至12日,考试时间10月13日8:30-12:30 1. Only those who pass the objective test score can participate in the subjective test. The online registration confirmation time for this year's subjective test is from 00:00 on September 7 to 24:00 on September 11, and the time to print the admission ticket is from October 8 to 12. The test time is October 13th, 8: 30-12: 30 .

今年主观题考试实行计算机化考试。 2. This year's subjective test will be computerized. Candidates who have difficulty using the computer test can apply for the paper-and-pen test when confirming the registration for the subjective test.

2018年客观题考试成绩合格人员,确认报名参加2019年主观题考试的(不含参加2019年客观题考试的),可以选择在工作、生活地所在省(区、市)司法行政机关设置的考区参加主观题考试。 3. Those who pass the objective test results in 2018 and confirm to register for the subjective test in 2019 (excluding those who take the objective test in 2019) can choose to set up in the judicial administrative department of the province (region, city) where they work and live. Test area to take subjective test.

在我省报名参加 2019年客观题考试成绩合格人员,只能在我省报名参加主观题考试。 4. Those who have qualified for the objective test in 2019 in our province can only register for the subjective test in our province. The subjective test examination areas in our province will be based on the objective test area and the distribution of qualified personnel, based on the objective test area, unified planning and appropriate merger. Those who sign up for subjective exams go to the combined exam area.

认真复习备考。 Second, seriously review preparations. 注重测试对法律知识的理解和运用,必须靠平时的学习和积累 The National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Examination focuses on testing the understanding and application of legal knowledge and must rely on ordinary learning and accumulation . 树立信心,消除压力,以饱满的精神和良好的心态参加考试。 During the exam, you must build confidence, eliminate stress, and take the exam with full spirit and a good attitude. 考试各个工作环节科学、严谨、严密,不要相信和购买不法分子提供的 考试 原题、有内部消息等欺骗性材料,不要相信网上出售的所谓 国家统一法律职业资格 考试试题答案 ”,不要使用各种所谓的“高科技考试作弊器材”,保持清醒的头脑,用所学的法律知识 进行分析判断, 切勿上当受骗。 The work of the National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Examination is scientific, rigorous, and rigorous. Do not believe and buy deceptive materials such as the original test questions and internal information provided by criminals. "Don't use all kinds of so-called" high-tech exam cheating equipment ", keep a clear head, use the legal knowledge learned to make analysis and judgment, and don't be deceived.

、做好考前准备。 3. Prepare for the test. 登录司法部网站( http://www.moj.gov.cn)下载打印准考证,确实无法下载打印准考证的,可到报名地司法行政机关打印;准考证打印后,务必要认真阅读准考证上的信息和注意事项,核实考点名称、地址及所在考场,做好应考准备;务必携带 好本人 准考证和 本人 网上报名使用的有效居民身份证参加考试。 Log in to the Ministry of Justice's website ( http://www.moj.gov.cn) in time to download and print the admission ticket. If you really cannot download the printed admission ticket, you can print it at the judicial administrative organ of the place of registration. After the admission ticket is printed, you must read the admission ticket carefully. Information and precautions on the examination certificate, verify the test site name, address, and test room, and prepare for the examination; be sure to bring your admission ticket and a valid resident ID card for online registration to take the test.

积极配合查验。 Fourth , actively cooperate with the inspection. 继续 使用考务安全管理系统 ,对考生有效居民身份证信息核验、人像快速识别等;请提前做好准备,提前到达考点 This year, our province will continue to use the examination security management system to verify the valid resident identity card information of candidates and quickly identify portraits. Please prepare in advance and arrive at the examination site in advance . 主动配合现场工作人员引导,依次有序 通过考务安全管理系统进行身份核验。 When entering the test site or test room, they should actively cooperate with the on-site staff to guide them in order to carry out identity verification through the test security management system.

遵守考试纪律。 Fifth , observe test discipline. 严格遵守考试纪律, 自觉遵守《国家 统一法律职业资格 考试应试规则》,服从监考人员安排。 Be sure to strictly abide by the discipline of examinations, consciously abide by the "National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Examination Rules", and obey the arrangements of invigilators. 员的要求放在指定位置。 Candidates' admission tickets, valid resident ID cards will be checked at the entrance of each examination room. Candidates will be detected using metal detectors. It is strictly prohibited to carry various communication tools (such as mobile phones and other wireless receiving and transmitting equipment), electronic supplies, books, notes, newspapers Articles, manuscripts, etc. enter the examination room; carry-on items that are prohibited from being brought into the examination room must be placed in the designated location according to the requirements of the proctor .

、严防作弊行为。 6. Prevent cheating. 诚信参加考试,认真阅读《刑法修正案(九)》《国家 统一法律职业资格 考试应试规则》和《国家 统一法律职业资格 考试违纪行为处理办法》等相关规定, 坚决抵制利用 “高科技考试作弊器材” 等违法违纪行为 It is important to take the test in good faith, carefully read the "Criminal Law Amendment (9)", "National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Examination Exam Rules" and "National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Exam Disciplinary Actions" and other relevant regulations, and firmly resist the use of "high-tech exam Cheating equipment " and other illegal activities . 会同有关部门 采取无线电监测、 作弊克主动式隐形耳机探测器、 考场无线电信号全屏蔽、使用金属探测仪、考试过程全程录像等高科技防作弊措施,通过人防和技防相结合的方式严厉打击各种作弊行为。 During the exam, high-tech anti-cheating measures such as radio monitoring, cheating active invisible earphone detectors, full shielding of radio signals in the test room, use of metal detectors, and full video recording of the exam process will be taken with relevant departments . Severely crack down on cheating.

、特别注意事项。 7. Special precautions.

务必要提前到达考点,考试开始三十分钟后,考生不得入场。 (1) Be sure to arrive at the test site in advance. Candidates are not allowed to enter the venue 30 minutes after the start of the test. 六十 分钟内,考生 经监考员同意后 可以交卷 离开考 场。 Within sixty minutes before the end of the test , candidates can leave the examination room with the consent of the proctor . It is strictly forbidden to write any words or symbols on the admission ticket.

(2) Before the computerized exam, according to the requirements and prompts of the proctor, log in to the exam system, fill in the admission ticket number and resident ID number, read the candidates' instructions, precautions, etc., check the relevant information of the exam and confirm it . 算机系统或网络通讯故障、信息错误等情形的,考生应当及时向监考员报告。 In case of failure to log in, computer system or network communication failure, information error, etc., candidates should report to the proctor in a timely manner. 考生 应当立即停止答题,待监考员确认电子答题数据全部提交上传后,有序离开考场。 After the test end instruction is issued, candidates should stop answering questions immediately and leave the test room in an orderly manner after the invigilator confirms that all electronic answer data has been submitted for upload.

) 纸笔考试应当在 卷设定的答题 区域 作答 ,一定要注意答题顺序。 (3 ) Paper-and-pen examinations should be answered in the answer area set on the answer sheet. Pay attention to the order of the answers. 考生 自身原因损坏试卷(答卷),填写(填涂)不清,错填、漏填姓名、准考证号,或者答题位置错误、顺序颠倒,导致无法识别姓名、准考证号,无法扫描和判读答题内容或者导致答题评分失准的,应当自行承担责任。 The test paper (response paper) was damaged due to the candidate's own reasons, the entry (filling in) was unclear, the name, admission ticket number was incorrectly filled, omitted, or the position and order of the answers were reversed, resulting in the inability to identify the name, admission ticket number, scan and interpretation If the content of the answer is incorrect or the answer is incorrect, it shall bear the responsibility. 考生 应当立即停止答题,将纸质试卷(答卷)和考场配发材料放置在桌面上,经监考员核验无误后,方可离开考场。 After the test end instruction is issued, candidates should stop answering the questions immediately, and place the paper test paper (response papers) and test room distribution materials on the table. They can leave the test room only after they have been verified by the invigilator.

Dear test takers, it is the responsibility of all our test staff to create a fair, orderly and well-tested test environment. It is also the obligation of each test taker. We sincerely hope that all candidates will have self-esteem, self-reliance, self-confidence, honesty and fair competition! 9 年国家 统一法律职业资格 考试中取得好成绩! I sincerely wish you good results in the 2009 National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Examination!



国家统一法律职业资格考试办公室 Fujian National Uniform Legal Vocational Qualification Examination Office

                                                              9 7 31 201 July 31 , 9

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